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Meet Lynne Block


Lynne Block is a 50+ year resident of West Vancouver and a recipient of the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Born in England, Lynne studied at West Vancouver Secondary School, then completed a B.A. in Education and an M.A. in Education Administration at UBC. After receiving her Teaching Certificate, Lynne worked for over 30 years as an elementary and secondary educator in the Burnaby School District. She founded the Youth Engaged in Social Responsibility (Y.E.S.) Forums, co-founded a new ESL (ELL) program, and served as a Department Head of English and Vice-Principal.

A thought leader in education, Lynne has trained school districts in Metro Vancouver and Northern B.C. She has also been invited to lecture to faculty and students in the Departments of Education at Douglas College, Trinity Western University, and Simon Fraser University. She has served as a plenary speaker at the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) Annual Leadership Conference.


Committed to her community, Lynne has volunteered her time to the West Vancouver Awards Committee, “Lifelong Learning” seminars at West Vancouver Library, the North Shore Youth Justice and Family Court Committee (VAWIR), and the International Society for Key Women Educators (B.C.).

Lynne raised two children in the public and private school systems in West Vancouver. When she is not working as a part-time educator for the North Vancouver and Vancouver School Districts, assisting her mother, or volunteering in the community, she enjoys spending time with her 18-month-old grandson Harrison (pictured throughout the site) at John Lawson Park.

Lynne with her 18-month-old grandson Harrison at John Lawson Park.

Lynne with her 18-month-old grandson Harrison at John Lawson Park.


Over the years, West Vancouver has physically changed. But the values that we share and the high hopes we hold for our children remain resolute and authentic. It is this authenticity and aspiration that we pass on to our future generations. As an engaged member of the community for over 50 years, Lynne is committed to encouraging our youth to reflect the values of personal responsibility, leadership, and positive self-esteem.


With an aging West Vancouver population, fewer families with children, upcoming teachers’ contract negotiations, and budgets increasingly strained, working together to strike a balance has never been more important. As a lifelong educator with decades of experience, and as a mother of two graduates from the West Vancouver school system, Lynne is well-suited to address the issues facing our school district with a balanced approach. Collaborating with incumbents and new Trustees, as well as parents, educators, and community members, Lynne will strive to find the right balance to ensure a thriving and harmonious school district.


Education and community are inseparable. A strong community is built on the foundation of an excellent education system, and an excellent school system requires an engaged community. As a life-long educator, Lynne has devoted her career to improving the education of the next generation. As a mother and involved grandmother, Lynne knows how important it is for every generation to be an active stakeholder in our children’s future. Lynne is committed to working with parents, educators, and community members to define and help realize an even brighter future for our children.


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